22: #profitseries Create a Passive Income Product

22: #profitseries Create a Passive Income Product

Today in the #profit series we are focussing in on developing passive income products to develop our positive money mindset and add more profitable products to our business model. Passive income is NOT the silver bullet in six figure business, it's not a build it and...

19: #profitseries What is Profit?

19: #profitseries What is Profit?

Hello LadyBosses and Happy New Year! 2017 is set to be an exciting year here at LadyBoss HQ and we hope that you have some wonderful plans for yourself and your business as well. We have missed you all over the break but the time off has allowed us to do some big...

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About Katie


I'm Katie and I am part biz coach, part biz consultant, because I like to get my hands dirty and help you implement changes, not just talk about them.

I'm the go-to guru for all things podcast. Just ask me!

You can work with me in a number of ways currently. I offer lots of gold content free right here on the website and on my podcast. I also work 1:1 with a small number of clients who are keen to get started and get results immediately. I am currently developing a group mastermind and online training.


About Elle

Elle-Roberts Hello there,

I'm Elle. I call myself a creativity coach and business mentor because I love helping business babes rediscover their creative side & see creatives claim control of business strategies and planning.

I love helping you finding the blend between your left & right brain. I'm also addicted to a good old selfie!