Spring has sprung here in Australia and what better time to look over all the aspects of your business and do a freshen up!

For the next few episodes we are going to go through a list of helpful actions you can take to give your business a Spring Clean. It feels good when you do it to your wardrobe right? So why not your biz too.

Take a listen to the episode to hear all our tips and advice for sprucing up your website and social media platforms.


  1. How up to date are your pages, contact forms, etc?
  2. Is your about page update and talking to your Ideal Client?
  3. Do you have opt ins and lead boxes on your blog posts and other important pages?
  4. Should you create a Start Here menu option?
  5. When was the last time you ran a back up or updated your theme and plugins?
  6. What are you currently doing and how is it going? Look at your analytics and start tracking your numbers.

Do a more complete Website Review

Come in front end with your Ideal Client Avatar in mind and look at all your pages. Write a list of everything that needs changing, don’t get overwhelmed by it, simply jot it all down and prioritise the list. Then set aside a little time each week to work on through the list. Does the site flow and the information make sense for a brand new visitor- is it clear who you are and what you do?

Social Media

  1. Take stock of what platforms are you on and how is the follower growth, engagement and your own interest in the platform – don’t get stuck in the numbers but tracking can be very helpful.
  2. Review your About sections and Profile Info – again making sure that contact information and business details are up to date.
  3. Maybe trim down the number of platforms so you can focus on the ones you like and your Ideal Client engage most with.
  4. If want to still have a presence on some but not focus on them, automate the content and make it clear where people can find you to properly engage.

Top 3 actions to move forward


Review your About Page and make sure your Products and Services and Lead Magnets are up to date and looking swish.

Social Media

Feel permission to automate one or stop focussing on it if it’s not inspiring you or paying dividends. Schedule your time on the platforms where you want to be more present. Allow yourself time, ie. an hour a week, where you are SOURCING or CREATING content for your social – batch the task.

Come and join our fun and active #Ladyboss Project Facebook Group to share your progress and stay accountable while you work through your Spring Cleaning tasks. And tune in next fortnight when we look at Spring Cleaning your Email List and Opt Ins.