Email marketing is such a valuable tool in your business and that means it is VERY worthwhile taking the time to clean up the process and start really nurturing your list. Opt Ins are a great list building tool but you need to make sure they fit your biz and that they are working for you. Today we talk about lots of actions you can consider to Spring Clean your list and boost your open rates and

Oh my WOW! We have had such a wonderful response to our last episode and it’s really exciting to hear people share what they taken action on and tidied up on their websites and social media profiles. Today we are digging a little deeper and looking at your email list and opt ins. Are these things really working for you and how can you clean them up and give that fresh spring feel!

What are you currently doing and how is it going?

  1. What list-building activities are you undertaking?
  2. Inventory. Podcast content upgrades, website opt in, blog post content upgrades, webinars, etc
  3. How are they working for you?
    How are your open rates, are people staying subscribed, what is the growth like and what are the current numbers?
  4. Do an inventory list of all the Opt Ins you have out in the world currently.
  5. How can you spring clean your opt ins? Think about your opt ins as part of FUNNELS.
    Do you still love them? Are they relevant to the work you are doing in your business now? Are they converting for you? Are they a sensible lead into a funnel that leads to clients? If not, it’s time to let them go (put them in your FB group for your peeps to take for free – #freelove)
    Can you repurpose old ones into something new and better (ie. a webinar recording chopped into a mini course)
    Do your funnels / products / services require a new opt in? (in Part 3 of the Spring Clean series we will get you looking at your products and services)
    How will you identify the RIGHT opt in (ask your list, ask your clients, ask your target market. DON’T just crowdsoruce in FB groups as they won’t all be your ™)
    Schedule whatever actions you need to take on your optins and give them a gorgeous launch and promo period
  6. What email marketing are you doing and how is it working?
  7. Can you repurpose old ones into something new and better (ie. a webinar recording chopped into a mini course)
  8. How do you actually to spring clean your list of email subscribers?
    Segment your list and email people who have not opened an email in 6 months >> invite them to opt out, or if they are not opting out, ask them to tell you what they’d like to hear from you – this can reduce your subscribers, but that might save you money and also heartache as your open rates will likely increase.

What about the Automated Welcome Series?

  1. Go through your own process and make sure it is still up to date and relevant.
  2. Check that the Welcome Emails match up with the opt in that got them on the list.
  3. Give SUPER awesome value and set clear expectations around what people can expect.
  4. Let people get to know YOU and share some of your story.

Katie’s HOT TIP

Set this stuff up as a draft in a word processing program and THEN move it over to your email program, this lets you play, change and edit with a lot more ease.

How do you find the right Opt In

  1. Target Market Research – we talked about this a lot in our Ideal Client Episode
  2. ASK your list, give them a chance to let you know what they want to hear from them
  3. Don’t crowd source this in big groups which are full of people aren’t your IC
  4. Ask your own group or your clients – you might be surprised what value other people in the work you offer

Elle’s HOT TIP

Set out a content plan so you know in advanced what you are going to say in the next few newsletters. Don’t put pressure on yourself to come up with an amazing topic on the day you want to send your newsletter out.

Links Mentioned

  • Karyn Gunton and her gorgeous Lighthouse List
  • Being Boss – just because they say AMEN a lot – we are going to say BOOM (hehehe)

Our Biggest Top Tip

Just pick ONE thing that we talked about and start there. Don’t be overwhelmed by the long list of actions you may want to take now. Just do ONE. Come back and do another later if you want to but just start.

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