When was the last time you reviewed and refreshed your Products and Services? Does what you have on offer on your website still reflect the way you do business? Does it still speak to your Ideal Client? In today’s episode we dive into what you need to do to give your offerings a Spring Clean!

But first, how have you been going with our Spring Clean Series? Have you tidied up your website and social media? Have you reviewed your opt ins and email lists? Maybe you just cleaned up your desk or sorted out your bookshelf!

If you want to brag to us share a pic on Instagram and tag @ladybossproject and #springcleanlikeaboss so we can ooohhh and aahhh over your tidy and shiny biz!

Now – for the BIG ONE! How do we spring clean our Products and Services?

  1. List out all the products and services you offer – where are they advertised, what is their funnel and how many have you sold, do you enjoy them?
  2. What SHOULD you have on offer?
    1. One school of thought:
      1. Entry level offer
      2. Mid range offer
      3. Premium offer
  3. What DO you have on offer?
    1. How have they sold? Revenue you have made
    2. How do you feel about them?
    3. Are they AVAILABLE on your website?
  4. What should you let go?
    1. Can you give it away for free? Inside your FB group, etc.
  5. Can you update what you’re keeping:
    1. Descriptions, Testimonials
    2. Funnels
  6. A plan for new offerings:
    1. Project plan
    2. Schedule

As with the other episodes in this series, don’t let any of this overwhelm you or distract you from time critical work. Just set aside 30 min a day or 1 hour a week to go through and review and refresh things. If you don’t put these upkeep activities into your weekly schedule it’s easy for them to never happen.

Jump over to our Facebook Group and let us know if you have any questions, share your insights and what you have updated!

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