As we grow our businesses we go through stages, sometimes we need to knuckle down, focus on our current clients and nurture our exisiting networks. Other times however we want growth and expansion. We want to find new communities to connect with, new people to share our message with and ultimately new clients.

How do we do that?

We are both big believers in the social marketing of Facebook Groups and tribe building through our own content and connections. But what about when you want to go beyond your circle of influence and find new people to connect to?

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Why Expand Your Reach

There are lot of benefits to reaching out beyond your current networks such as:

  • Up-leveling your business
  • Accelerate your growth
  • Find new inspiration and ideas from outside your industry
  • New clients and therefore more income
  • Sharing your message further and wider can help you get clarity on your own message and see your own value

So, How do you go about it?

  • Think about all of the one off encounters you have had, twitter connections with people you thought seemed interesting and follow up on this. Connect again with people you knew a year ago and find out what they are up to now. Find out how you can add value and support them, foster the relationship and see what grows from it.
  • Seek out totally new environments – go to events outside your core industry. Katie meet so many new and exciting entrepreneurs by heading to We Are Podcast a few weeks ago and now has a long list of new business connections.
  • Remember to follow up on new connections and if you aren’t sure how, try asking “Is there anything I can HELP you with right now?”
  • Host your own events such as coffee meet ups, Christmas catchups etc and invite your tribe and ask them to invite their tribe.
  • Seek out events in your local area and make the time to get along to them.
  • Pitch yourself – share your wisdom with new audiences by pitching guest posts, podcast interviews and speaker gigs.
  • Building your influence on your own platforms is a really important step in the process so think about your own social media, newsletter list and Facebook groups etc – building influence here will give you the confidence and the currency to reach out wider.

You have to make time for connecting and relationship building – and you have to know it is a LONG game.

What about the challenges?

The fear of rejection is so innate¬†for us human beings right?¬†Many of us have seriously limiting beliefs about the value of our knowledge and the angst of sharing that with new people – what if they don’t like it?

How do you overcome that?

  • Practice! You do get better and it the more you do it.
  • Don’t take it personally (easier said than done we know!) but know a NO is not actually a rejection of your or your values!
  • Until it’s a NO it’s not a NO! If you get a “Not right now” then follow up! Pitch again.
  • Try and be more transactional about the situation.
  • Don’t discount the value of your work if you do get a No – but also don’t let YES be what validates what you have to offer. You need to believe in your work BEFORE you take it out in the world. This will make the reactions much less personal.

Just start! Pitch one podcast, reach out to potential connection and just see what happens.

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