Today’s episode is the last episode of the season! We are having six weeks away from the podcast over the Australian summer / Christmas break and so we turn our minds to what we can all be doing at this time of year in our business. Whether it’s taking time off without losing money or momentum, or embracing a summer/holiday theme to your content and products, there is lots you can do to embrace the summer and holidays in your business!

Things we discuss:

  • how to embrace the theme in your marketing and content
  • what you can do to plan for 2017 and plan to have time off
  • admin work that is perfect to do at this time of year and set yourself up for success in 2017!
  • things we are planning on doing over our break
  • What ladyboss items are on our Christmas list!

Katie’s 46 books to read in 2016 (of which she’s got to 25!):

  1. Pat Flynn, Will It Fly
  2. Harlan Coben Fool Me Once
  3. Let it Be, Katie Dalebout
  4. The One Thing
  5. Outrageous Openness
  6. Light is the New Black
  7. Jessica Ortner, Weight Loss (Body Love)
  8. Membership economy
  9. Bright precious day’s Jay McInerney
  10. Arianna Huffington, Thrive
  11. Playing Big
  12. The new How and 11 ways to create value in the social era
  13. Gretchen Rubin, Happiness
  14. Shonda Rhimes, My Year of Yes
  15. Conscious Marketing, Caroline Taite
  16. Helen Garner, Everywhere I Look
  17. Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit
  18. Amy Poehler Yes Please
  19. Sean d’spuza the brain audit
  20. Never Eat Alone Keith Ferazzi
  21. The Big Leap
  22. Think and Grow Rich
  23. Essentialism
  24. The Four Agreements
  25. The Go Giver
  26. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Dr Joseph Murphy.g
  27. How to Be Wildly Wealthy Now by Sandy Forster
  28. Nilofer Merchant only-ness or 11 rules to Andd value in the social era
  29. Secret Language of Your Body
  30. Jess Lively: Work and Worth
  31. Profit First
  32. Me before you
  33. The royal we
  34. Sea sisters
  35. Pretty girls
  36. Maestra
  37. The singles game
  38. Truly madly guilty
  39. Tell the truth shame the devil
  40. Don’t forget to breathe
  41. 9 rules to create value in the social era
  42. You will know me
  43. Secret Mums Business, Angela Counsel
  44. A Happier Hour
  45. The Automatic Customer
  46. the wrong side of goodbye, michael connelly

Things we want you to share in the Facebook Group:

  • What other books should be on our mammoth ladyboss reading list
  • What is the perfect Christmas gift for the ladyboss?