Hello LadyBosses and Happy New Year!

2017 is set to be an exciting year here at LadyBoss HQ and we hope that you have some wonderful plans for yourself and your business as well. We have missed you all over the break but the time off has allowed us to do some big planning and we have a few very cool things in store for you in 2017.

Not least of which is Season Two of the podcast!

This entire Season is dedicated to PROFIT – what is it, how to make more of it, what are the big mistakes many of us are making around money in our business and in raw honest Katie and I will share with you exactly what’s going on for us in our businesses as well!

Jump over to the Facebook Community if you haven’t already because this season that space is going to come alive more than ever as we work as a team to set bigger goals and better habits around our profit and over all money management in our businesses.

Today’s episode we kick off the series by sharing our thoughts on Profit, why we want to talk about for a whole season, what our money goals are for 2017 and we get honest about why we need to take the time to focus on this in our own businesses.

Listen to the Episode here or on iTunes … OR if you really want to check out our beautiful faces (admittedly both of us are in bad lighting) head to our brand new Youtube Channel! #FUN

We shared Our Three Words for 2017

Katie is setting the intention for her 2017 to be all about, PROFIT, CREATION & AUTOMATION.

While Elle wants the year to be about ABUNDANCE, FOCUS & SIMPLIFICATION.

We have set up a sexy Survey we would love for you to fill in for us so we can be even more helpful and awesome here at the Ladyboss Project then we already are – HA!

Then we dove into some juicy questions around PROFIT!

  • Why this uber focus on profit- what’s there really to say?

It only takes small moves to improve! – Katie Wyatt

  • What does the word Profit mean to us?
  • Where do we see ladybosses go wrong with their money focus?
  • The challenges of a revenue focussed industry

I had a six figure business in 2017 – and yet financial it was the worse year I’ve had in a long while. – Elle Roberts

  • Different ways to set your profit goals
  • How to track your goals/ actual finances

We also set some To Dos and Challenges for ourselves and for you so be sure to head to our Facebook Community and we can all work together on focusing not just on revenue but also on our PROFITS!

Let’s make 2017 the year of GETTING PAID ladies!

Action Challenges

Links We Mention