Who else gets all icky and flushed in the face when it comes to actually SELLING the thing we do?! We know we both do and we confess in the episode some of our not so #ladyboss behaviours around avoiding that bit altogether. But we can’t be in business if we don’t sell anything SO here are our 7 tips to help you improve your sales skills – and we know they work because they are what we both used to better our skills in the area.

This is episode Six and our final episode in our #profitseries and WOW what a series it’s been!

So before we get into the SELLING we wanted to do a quick overview of the whole series!


In this series on PROFIT, we’ve talked about a number of ways to increase our profit. We looked at building a profit mindset, reducing our expenses, adding new profitable streams of income to our business model. We talked to special guests Laura Elkaslassy and Denise Duffeild Thomas. And we got real and honest with you about where things are at in our businesses (and you did too in our gorgeous online community).

Today we are talking about the VOLUME dimension – making more sales!

An increase in sales won’t always mean more profit, so you really need to understand your numbers before assuming that selling more will make you more.

But we can safely say every ladyboss needs to work on her sales skills. Here are our top 7 tips:

Tip 1: Mindset Shiz

Stop thinking of Sales is a dirty word. Selling is about relationships. So focus on how to build and grow strong relationships with your ideal customer. The selling then comes more naturally.

Tip 2: Have a funnel strategy

This is about having something at every level of the mountain/funnel, and having those things nurture people towards your premium product (which we talk a little about Episode 20).

Tip 3: Tracking your leads

How do you manage your leads? Having hot lists, customer vision boards etc Don’t go and spend big on a fancy CRM – simply think about how you track your customers and potential customers and how you could improve that process in your business.

Tip 4: Bosses follow up!

The fortune is in the follow up! Don’t be shy about re-sending that invitation or asking if that potential client is still keen to work with you.

Tip 5: Understanding the lifetime value of a customer

It’s easy to get stuck chasing the next new customer – but how can you love on the ones you already have!

The 80/20 Rule Book

If 100 people pay you $100, 20 (20%) people will pay $400, 4 (20%) people will spend $1600

Tip 6: Sales conversations

Whether on a webinar, writing an email, speaking from stage or having a 1:1 conversation – let’s talk about how we sell/talk sales. Practice it and see how you can improve.

Tip 7: Review and take note of CHANGES for next time.

Don’t forget to take stock and take NOTE of what you want to do differently next time!

Remember above all else, people want to know how to work with you so stop being so shy about telling them! #yougotthis