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Lady Boss Chats is all about our experience of life ladyboss style. We just want to really share the journey – we’ve both had such different journeys – to help, inspire, amuse and entertain.

If you’ve been on the internet lately – hahaha. Who hasn’t? – you might have noticed this little trend going on about March. March madness. March after two lunar eclipses. Crazy March. Awful March. Entrepreneur death day March.

It was a strange one, that’s for sure. And it was no different for us ladybosses!

We are breaking down not the March Madness but how on earth do you get your mojo back after some time away from the business. It’s a juicy topic because there is so much emotion involved when you down tools – whether deliberately or unexpectedly. And pulling all the strings back together and picking all the balls up off the floor can be a challenge.

Some of the insights and tips:

  • We talk about the tricks the mind plays on you when you take a break from biz – even a scheduled one!
  • We discuss using external deadlines to keep you on track
  • Elle talks about her very unexpected curveball that interrupted her business life
  • We talk about the importance of giving yourself a break and being kind
  • We talk about the need for support during the dark times


All the Things: