Welcome to LadyBossChats, a collaboration between Katie Wyatt and Elle Roberts, two business coaches, lady bosses, biz BFFs and soul sisters.

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Lady Boss Chats is all about our experience of life ladyboss style. We just want to really share the journey – we’ve both had such different journeys – to help, inspire, amuse and entertain.

Today we’re talking about the names we use to label or identify ourselves, the modern entrepreneur. We realized in planning for the episode and then in doing the episode how much emotional baggage comes with some of these titles!

We also launch our LadyBoss Lab Experiments segment with a read-every-day challenge!

Some of the insights and tips:

  • We discuss the different titles we use to name ourselves in business – entrepreneur, solopreneur, ladypreneur, small business owner, side hustler, mumpreneur
  • We reveal some of the angst we have personally felt and still feel about some of those titles
  • We land on the insight that language is a tool to connect with your tribe, so who cares if others don’t like your language – as long as you and your dream client do!
  • We talk about the first LadyBoss Lab Experiment

Want to join the Experiment to read every day for a month?

Play along, here’s the rules:

  • 30 mins a day minimum
  • Any genre
  • Must be a book – an audio book or physical book or Kindle book. But not a blog, not a pod, and not a magazine. It has to be a book!
  • Record the books you read (take a photo of the physical ones!)
  • Notice: the behaviours and processes around reading and the Impact on our life, perspective, mood, business
  • Comment below or head to our Facebook Community and share how you went, what you noticed and what your favourite reads where.

All the Things: