Today we’re talking Facebook Groups! Should you run one, and if so, how to rock it like the boss lady that you are!

  • Katie and Elle both have multiple Facebook Groups – they share the story behind each of them!
  • Straight up – should every entrepreneur have a Facebook Group?
  • It’s important to be ultra clear about the purpose of your group and why you’re starting – is it community? Building authority? Getting clients?
  • Knowing your why will keep you focused and committed during the days when it feels like you’re in there talking to yourself
  • Groups take TIME to build, grow and lead – so if you’re not ready and interested in doing that consistent work, then maybe it’s not right for you
  • We talk about the specific role that leadership and facilitation plays in building a group that rocks – particularly around elevating others over just yourself
  • To theme or not to theme? That is the question
  • And we go on a rant – of course – about the way some group leaders constrain promotions in their group

AND … we have a new Facebook Group to continue the conversation from the podcast and share our findings on our #ladybossexperiments – Click on Join the Community in the menu bar to come and join the action.

We mentioned a lot of Facebook Groups in today’s episode, here they are for you:

  • Wellness Entrepreneurs
  • Podcaster Posse
  • My Name My Brand
  • Artful Business Community
  • Psychic Playground
  • Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Lighthouse Revolution
  • Thriving Entrepreneur Circle

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