Today we are debriefing on the business event of 2016 – Artful Business Conference! This is the brainchild of Elle Roberts and we’ve both been hanging there all weekend, so we’re talking through our key takeaways!

  • What we took from Elle’s talk about tribes and connection and community – connect in real life peeps – and why there’s no such thing as competition when you’re eating pie … or something
  • The depressing state of creativity in adults and even pre-teens – but Felicity O’Connor gives us all new hope
  • Melanie Midegs shares her journey of emotional empowerment and it even brought her to gorgeous tears
  • Was Katie Wyatt really able to make consistency sexy? You’ll have to listen to find out (no nudity)
  • And the bourbon-swilling Jess May shows the power of what honest to God truth can do to a room
  • Why did Sylvia Cherchia’s money talk earn her the hashtag #sylviasmackdown ?
  • Katie’s new biz crush Emma Veiga-Malta shows us how smart people reinvent themselves for wild success – and how you can too
  • Lisa Fitzpatrick is not only the nicest entrepreneur in the universe but she’s wickedly smart and feminine too!

We also closed off our read every day challenge – please share your take aways and #bookselfies in the Facebook Group

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Links and important bits from today: