So you’ve heard all the hype about LAUNCHING and how important it is for online business. You’ve read the posts and seen the webinars on how to launch and how to launch with style – but what do you do when it’s over, you’ve come down off the adrenaline high and you are trying to work out what’s next in your business.

But how do you assess a launch? How do you decide if it was a success, how do learn from the things that went well or not so well?

Today we’re chat about our two most recent launches, what worked, what didn’t and why the debrief process is SO important for your next launch.

  • How do you assess the results of a launch? What do you do after?
  • How to take the results and LEARN from it?
  • What is the conversation happening around LAUNCHING? Is running a massive, stressful & exhausting launch a badge of honour for a #ladyboss?
  • It takes a lot of time to build your business up to the bigger launches and people aren’t always talking about that.
  • Launching is tough – no doubt – but you don’t NEED to kill yourself to launch a thing.
  • What measures do you put into place to measure your success, before, during and after?
  • You measures of success need to be true for you and relevant and realistic for where you are at in business and where you are taking your business.
  • What metrics can you use outside of straight sales?
  • How do you measure the more intangible aspects such as the vibe, the conversations about your thing?
  • Focusing on the PEOPLE who do buy your thing rather than the numbers they you didn’t hit can shift your focus to failure to excitement.
  • What are LEAD and LAG measures and how do to track mid-launch?
  • Who is your support team throughout the launch process?
  • How do you make sure you are doing the RIGHT tasks? Katie gives an amazing exercises to make sure you are doing the right tasks with your time to bring in the revenue.
  • There are no RULES – don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do a big, live launch to be successful in business.

Links we talked about

We also touched base on our Twitter experiment, what we are loving about playing in the twitter-sphere and why lists are making it easier to connect with the right peeps. Want to play along? Join our facebook group so you can join the conversations there, follow us on twitter @ladybossproject and connect with Katie at @KatieTWyatt and Elle @elle_roberts_