Today we’re talking all things scheduling … like a ladyboss! We have very different schedules – Elle works full time in her business and Katie is side hustling around a full time job and now twins! Today we are breaking down what we do, what works and what you can do to get some more productive scheduling into your boss life!

  • Is scheduling better for business? The short answer is YES.
  • Elle maintains a day free of client calls and consulting so she can work ON the business. Katie has to schedule those blocks of time in because she doesn’t have full days in her biz.
  • Elle shares her “wishlist” which helps her fill unexpected gaps of time wisely
  • Katie talks about her awesome weekly schedule template she created in Asana with the inspiration from productivity guru Jo Bendle
  • We discuss the power of intense blocks of time to smash out a task
  • We each share our morning and evening routines – the ideal and the reality!
  • Elle’s top tip for wanting more structure in your biz routine? Start small with one thing and play with it, have fun with it.
  • Katie’s top tip is to get really clear on your ACTUAL capacity and start putting time allotments against tasks so that you can see when you’re fully committed, and also how good (or bad) you are at estimating time!

Resources we mention:

Acuity scheduling for scheduling

Satori for scheduling

Jo Bendle – Productivity Guru – stalk her here

Jonathan Fields interviews Arianna Huffington on sleep

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