Katie Wyatt and Elle Roberts are two podcasting #ladybosses living, breathing and working the online #ladyboss life.

This collaboration stems from their inability to NOT talk to each other about all things #ladybossing. The podcast is their jam on the backstage stories of what it really means and takes to be a female solopreneur.

Katie is part biz coach, part biz advisor (cause frankly, sometimes, she has the answers!) and Elle’s go-to guru for all things podcast.

Elle is creativity coach and business mentor as well as the founder of the Artful Business Conference. She is also an aficianado of all things “selfie”!

We craved connection online and finding each other has changed our businesses, mindset and joy meter for the better. We wanted to share that with you, spread the love and impart some helpful business advice along the way!

We are two lady bosses sharing the journey, the lessons and the life of a modern lady boss.